Charity Champions

Our trustees share ultimate responsibility for governing our charity.

Our wonderful trustees

St Giles Animal Rescue Charity trustees share ultimate responsibility for governing and directing how our charity is managed and run.  Our Trustees use their skills and experience to support St Giles Animal Rescue, helping us achieve our aims. 

St Giles Animal Rescue Charity are a member of the  Government Charity Commission. The Charity Commission register and regulate charities in England and Wales, to ensure that the public can support charities with confidence. A list of the charity trustees can also be found here.

Jenny Chair of the Trustees for St Giles Animal Rescue

Jenny Green


I moved to North Curry from Oxfordshire just under 3 years ago.  I was introduced to St Giles when adopting my pug puppy (Binky). Needless to say, we are now inseparable. I have gone on to adopt another pug (Tommy)!! 

Having seen the work that St Giles were doing, I knew I had to become involved and help in any way I could.

I am a qualified aromatherapist and reflexologist. Working from home means I am lucky enough to spend lots of time in the great outdoors. I love gardening, walking my pugs and am currently trying to teach myself how to sew!

George Williams


I work as a Tax Advisor and I am continuously thinking of ways to save money within the charity to ensure both cats and dogs get the best life whilst in rescue with St Giles, which is money well spent in my opinion!

I relax by watching sports with both of our St Giles rescue dogs and a packet of good quality sweets.

Olivia - St Giles Animal Rescue Charity Secretary

Olivia Molyneux

charity secretary

St Giles completed our home by giving us our dream dogs so being a Trustee for the charity means I can help other dogs and people find the same happiness.”

I work within the Ambulance Service and when off duty I spend my time either at the gym, walking our dogs around the endless countryside and indulging in delicious food

Sarah Bernasconi


Originally from Manchester, I qualified at Bristol University in 2007 and move to Somerset. I have a real passion for rescue animals and an interest in dog behaviour.

I’m mum to several St Giles Rescues Dogs and often take rescues home who need a little extra support.

Carolyn - St Giles Animal Rescue Fundraising

Carolyn Johnson


After being asked to design an advert for a local paper for St Giles Animal Rescue by a friend, I was invited to one of their fundraising meetings and that was it – one dog rehomed! Nearly 8 years later and I am still there. It is the most amazing and rewarding thing I have ever been involved with.

I have now adopted three lurchers from St Giles and if I could afford a larger garden or perhaps a paddock, the sky’s the limit!

Mike Thompson


I have a 30+ year Commercial business background, mainly in Aviation and Information Technology, originally based around Heathrow, now happily settled in Somerset, working from home for a U.S. based software company. 

My wife and I are both huge animal lovers and we have adopted three dogs from St Giles over the years. We have always admired the fantastic work done by the Linnells and how things have improved at the kennels over the years.

Susan Hooper


I’m the Senior Internal Quality Assurer for Veterinary Nursing Degree at the University of Bristol

I have a rescue Labrador Twig, who is the centre of the family.

Our Mission

To provide rescue support for abused, abandoned, displaced pets; to ultimately introduce them to a loving family and find their forever home.

Our Vision

To create a safe place for ALL rescued animals to find succor, healing and hope. To help educate and transform human/pet relationships through continual learning.

Our Values

To provide the same level of love and care for all our stakeholders as we do our rescues. To be recognised not just for the good work we do but for the good we inspire.


Volunteering is an enjoyable way of helping a rescue animal and can be very rewarding to both you and the animal. We have a range of volunteering roles from dog walking and cat cuddling through to helping raise much needed funds or home visiting. You will meet like minded people and enjoy developing or learning new skills.