In order for us to have enough time to talk to you and give us the best possible chance of finding your perfect match we now ask that the before application is filled in and send to us PRIOR to having an appointment booked in (for dogs only).

Once you have filled in the application form we will add your details to our system which when a dog comes in that matches your description allows up to contact you to get a meet and greet booked in.

We cannot guarantee that we will have time to show you any animals if you just turn up and we do not want you to have a wasted journey.

One of our main aims is to ensure the animals we have have within our care have the most comfortable stay possible until they are able to find their forever homes and therefore we do not allow visitors to walk around the centre to look  at dogs that we have available for re-homing as we have found this is very stressful for the dogs and usually gives you an unfair reflection of their true personalities. We prefer for you to talk to one of our rescue team about your lifestyle and what you would like from a dog and then we will review the dogs we have assessed and try to match you to a dog or dogs (allowing you to meet them and check you like each other).

It is also important to book an appointment prior to arriving when looking into adopting a cat to ensure there is a member of staff available to take you through to the cattery and give you any information on the cats we currently have available for adoption.

In order to Fill in an application please follow the link:

To book a cat appointment please call us on 01823 490333 or email us on: