Neutering is the term given to a procedure performed by a vet to ensure that an animal cannot reproduce. It is an operation that is simple, low risk and preformed hundreds of times by most vets. It also improves your animal’s health by significantly reducing or eliminating the risk of cancers and other diseases.

Every year thousands of dogs and cats are put to sleep as they are unwanted, yet every year more and more puppies and kittens are born. Neutering is the responsible solution to unwanted litters of puppies and kittens that may well end up being put to sleep because there is simply not enough homes for them all.

Neutering is also known as spaying (in female animals) or castration (in male animals).

Did you know?

Cats can reproduce as young as 4 months and it is often very difficult to tell they are even in season.
Dogs can come into season and reproduce at 6 months old.
Rabbits can get pregnant as young as 3 months and can reproduce every month, which means it’s possible that an adult female rabbit could have up to 12 litters a year.

It is possible for incestuous mattings to take part between brother and sisters, mother and son or father and daughter. So if you plan to keep two young puppies, kittens or rabbits together please consider neutering (at least one of them) as soon as possible.

All animals adopted from Dogs 4 Adoption are neutered before they are re-homed.