Bear 3

Our Lovely Bear has been in foster for the past couple of weeks and here is what his foster family have to say:
Bear is such a loving and funny boy. He is very relaxed at home and has quickly learnt the routine. He is clean in the house and asks to go out to the toilet. He can be happily left for up to 4 hours. He is such a clever boy and learns really quickly. He loves the beach, walks, balls (but will destroy a tennis ball
In 10 min😀) and lots of cuddles. He is very people orientated, but will settle down to relax and sleep when at home. He knows all basic commands as well as some tricks. He waits beautifully for an instruction to eat his food. Bear is best suited to a household with older children or adults as he can get excitable. He is strong on the lead, but is improving and needs more training on reliable recall when exciting things are about such as people.
This gorgeous boy would have stayed with me if only my grumpy cat could have learnt to accept him, unfortunately Bear also shows a bit too much intrest! Bear deserves an amazing home. We will miss him so much. He will make a fantastic loving member of someone’s family.