Wilma is a lovely 18 month old Dobe cross looking for a very specific home. Please don’t apply unless you have read her details and your home is suitable. Wilma is a friendly girl who loves people, she is dog friendly and could live with a calm large breed dog after suitable intros.

Wilma’s only issue although quite major is her obsession with traffic and desire to chase cars. We believe that Wilma perhaps amused herself running along a fence line doing this in a previous home. When on lead and a car is approaching or passing she can get very excited/agitated and will lunge, spin and try to chase and is very strong.

So, Wilma is looking for a rural home that is NOT on a main road and one where she does NOT have to be walked along roadsides as she cannot cope with this at the moment and it puts her and a handler at risk.

She also needs a “large breed experienced” home who are willing to work with her behaviour positively and attend relevant training.

Please share for Wilma who really deserves the “right home” and is struggling in kennels, she is a bright friendly young dog.