This week  following the announcement of Lucy’s Law, instead of the anticipated small trickle of puppy farm puppies and dogs,

Rescue Centres like us have seen a massive influx of ex-breeding dogs, bitches and puppies!! Over the last week we have taken in

over 40 dogs and currently have 16 puppies for re-homing. The cost is phenomenal for medical treatment, neutering, vaccinations,

food etc – so we now need to fundraise to continue to take care of these arrivals and not turn any future dogs away.


On Wednesday  we had EIGHT more puppies arrived via a puppy farm (filmed by BBC Somerset).They were all from the same litter

– labrador crossbreeds – Seamus, Rufus, Maud, Mary, Susie, Brenda, Mabel & Stanley.


On Friday  early in the  morning we collected 22 Puppy Farm Breeding Dogs, some in an absolutely shocking state. Sarah our resident vet

visited them and many are in need of urgent medical attention including: a Bichon that will need an eye removed, one of the Westie’s is lame

and a German Shepherd we mistook for a Collie it was so emaciated.


Obviously the medical bills for these will be very high and we are in desperate need of funds to help these and others.


Thank you  SO much for ALL the generous donations so far, we have more and more dogs & puppies arriving this week and

are still in serious need of funds to ensure that we can take and care for them all.


Just £10 can make the difference.

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