Even though 2019 has just started we have sadly already taken in over 15 ex

puppy farm dogs AND 10 of those have short muzzles! These dogs have

been produced through puppy farm systems and have been the victims of

cruel and intense breeding. 

The technical term for these currently fashionable short muzzled dogs such

as Shih Tzu’s, Pugs and French Bulldogs is known as Brachycephalic, which

literally means short headed. These breeds despite having adorably cute

faces, large eyes and baby like features are not always the picture of health.

Some of these dogs will need surgery to help with their internal breathing

apparatus and intense medical treatment due to their poor and thoughtless


A donation of just £5 will help us to treat and rehabilitate these poor souls,

and work towards giving them the healthy and happy life they deserve. 

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