Working together with the RSPCA


In collaboration with the RSPCA we have just rescued 38 Jack Russell cross Patterdale Terrier puppies and dogs from the same home.

21 are now with us at St Giles Rescue Centre and looking for their forever home. They are currently in our quarantine area (kindly refurbished by the RSPCA),

and are being neutered, microchipped and vaccinated by our resident Vet funded by the RSPCA. Some are in poor health and have skin issues due to bad flea infections which

will be treated before they are rehomed.

There are 10 bitches: Dolly, Meg, Sugar, Treacle, Toffee, Fudge, Flo, Mo, Ellie, Tilly and 11 dogs: Charles, Rollo, Frank, Cookie, Timmy, Ralph, Reg, Fred, Burt, Eddie, Sid

with ages ranging between 5 months & 6 years.