The first and most important phone call must be to your local council’s Dog Warden, details of contact information should be listed on your local authorities’ website.

If you live in the Somerset area we have provided a map below to help you determine what council area you are in, please note that the Police no longer have any responsibility under the new legislation.

  • Taunton Deane Dog Warden (Somerset Dog Warden Service); 01823 356550
  • South Somerset Dog Warden (Council’s own dog warden); 01935 462 462
  • Mendip Council Dog Warden (SDK Environmental Services); 08444 828 346
  • West Somerset Dog Warden (Somerset Dog Warden Service); 01643 703704
  • Sedgemoor District Dog Warden (Council’s own dog warden); 0845 4082540

(Please bare in mind that if you boarder two council areas you should report it to both councils)

  • You need to give an accurate description of your dog and to the best of your knowledge what area you lost it from. Please consider what makes your dog unique i.e colour of collar, neutered, docked tail, eye colour etc.
  • Contact any local kennels / rescue centres who may have been given a report of any strays that have been found.
  • Advise local vets that you have lost your dog and speak to the microchip company (if chipped) to let them know you have lost your pet.
  • File a missing dog report with Dog Lost – 0844 800 3220 or
  • Finally find a recent picture of your dog and put up as many missing pet posters as you can.

If your dog has already been collected and taken to a holding kennels by the dog warden you only have seven days to reclaim it.

Please be aware that before collecting your dog from the appropriate holding kennels you will be asked to pay a fee, your dog can not be claimed before this fee has been paid. The fee is variable from council to council but will be similar to the fee set out below;

  • Statutory Fine – £25.00
  • Administration Fee – £25.00
  • Kennelling charges apply