St Giles Animal Rescue

Caring for abandoned, abused and displaced pets in Somerset

At St Giles Animal Rescue we look after and care for abused, abandoned and displaced pets. We take in dogs, cats, small animals and even the odd sheep!

All our rescues are ready for adoption; after they have been treated, trained and prepared for a better life. You can find a list of pets, ready for their forever home, on our Pets for Adoption page. We are always looking for for volunteers and fosterers so please, if you’d like to help in other ways here’s how.

As a charity we rely on your support and that of our sponsors to help cover the costs of veterinary, boarding and food bills.  We run regular online campaigns to help raise funds during the COVID crisis.

If you could buy a ‘dog a dinner’, ‘knit a kitty’ for the cattery or’ bake buns to raise funds’ we appreciate every single penny you raise on behalf of our rescues. Getting involved couldn’t be easier and here’s where you start.

Furby Appeal

Furby needs BOAS surgery (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome). Because of his short face, his soft palate is long (as well as his tongue). This extra tissue gets in the way of air movement when he is breathing, so exercise is difficult for him. It is also more difficult for him to lose heat by panting. The specialist surgeons can shorten the soft palate to make breathing easier for him. The surgery has many possible complications due to the delicate tissue they are working with, so experienced surgeons must do this procedure.

We need to raise £2.5K so he can breathe.

Furby’s life has always been a struggle until he arrived in the safe and caring hands of St Giles Animal Rescue.

Furby came to St Giles Animal Rescue with a terrible ear infection and required extensive dental work for his rotten teeth. Help us get this final bit done because it will make an enormous difference to Furby’s life.


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Luna Pet Ambassador

Meet Luna our new VIP (Very Important Pooch). Luna has taken on the role of Pet Ambassador for St Giles Animal Rescue.

Supporting St Giles Animal Rescue

Our amazing rehomed rescues

We have been blessed with so many amazing animals who have found a better life with families that truly love them. Although we can’t feature all our rescues here are just a few that have found their ‘happily ever afters’.

If you have a photo of your rescue you would like to feature in this gallery, please send your photos with a caption to Karen Cave who would be delighted to include your snaps on our website.