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Application to adopt or foster a cat or kitten

Registered Charity based at St Giles Animal Centre, Wrantage, Taunton TA3 6DJ – Charity No. 2236251

If you want to adopt or foster a cat or kitten from St Giles Animal Rescue we need to get some details from you so we can find the perfect animal for you. Please answer honestly so we can find the right match.

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Please check at least one or more of these options to help us manage our communication and marketing. We try and spend as little as possible on administrative costs, this will help a great deal.

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Information about your home

Please be aware that you will require permission from your landlord to keep a pet. You will need to provide proof of this permission.
Please provide details of provisions e.g. catflap, open window, letting out of the door

Information about your family

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Your experience

Whilst every care is taken to find the right cat for you, we cannot guarantee behaviour.

Your home

Identification and proof of address

You have chosen to take the next step in the process of giving a new home to one or more of our animals. Our questions are specifically aimed to provide more information to further help St Giles Animal Rescue staff and volunteers with the 'Perfect Match' process and will be given to the Home Visitor to assist with your application.

All personal information supplied by you on this application will be processed by St Giles Animal Rescue, whose privacy policy is available on request. This applies whether the information is supplied directly to St Giles Animal Rescue (Charity Number 1136251) as data controller or shared by us as a joint data controller with other animal welfare charities.