Family fun

We want you to have fun, the whole family, which is why we’ve created a range of fantastic activities we can all join in.

Family fun days and activities

St Giles Animal Rescue are always looking at ways to engage and have fun with our supporters. We look to hold regular events, here at the centre and around Somerset, that involve the whole family.

Sadly this year, with Covid-19 pandemic self-isolation and social-distancing, we won’t be able to hold the events we had planned. However, unperturbed, we have come up with some fabulous activities you can do from home.

Latest family fun activities

You have amazing ideas

We know you are a powerhouse of ideas and would love to hear from you.

At St Giles Animal Centre we are always looking for new ways to engage our supporters and have fun. This is why most of our activities are furry-family-centric. This year we’ve had to cancel all of our outdoor activities, whilst the Covid-19 restrictions are in place and use social media more.

This will never match being outdoors with a bouncy castle, lashing of ginger beer and a carrier bag full of homemade jam.

Being online has had some upsides though; seeing more photos of your pets and reading stories of how well you’re doing. On Facebook and Instagram, we’ve run competitions and appeals, I’m sure there is more we can do that you will enjoy.

SO, my lovely, put your thinking cap on and send us your thoughts.

Our job is to keep pets safe, our passion is to save as many as we can, we hope that you will help us do that too.