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A Big Thank You

THANK YOU Julia for this wonderful update and lovely pictures 🐾❤🐾

Hi, we just wanted to give you an update into how little Blue (aka Pixie) and Betty (aka Misty) are settling in to their new home.

Betty was very vocal on the drive home and did not mind telling us that she wasn’t a fan of the car, Blue took on a more stoic attitude to it. Once we got home we let them have our bedroom as a safe place as I had to work in our spare room/office. We gently popped their boxes down and undid the doors and backed out, pulling the door to as we left. We waited a moment outside of the door, just in case and within 90 seconds Betty had popped her head out to check what was going on. From that moment on Betty seemed very confident and exceedingly loving. Blue came out but decided that she’d like to decompress under the spare room bed for a few hours.

Blue came downstairs that evening and was happy to explore although was understandably still very cautious. They both had supper and we all settled down to sleep. The next morning both Betty and Blue were very excited for breakfast and happily ate half a pouch each. Blue then decided that she’d like to spend the majority of the day under the bed again. She came downstairs again for the evening and sleeps ON the spare room bed of a night but as she’s still settling in she finds her spot under the bed to be her safe space. This morning she’s been out and around more, and they both enjoy sitting on the windowsills keeping an eye on the world.

Betty loves to kiss our faces and curl up under our chins. She is so very affectionate and comes across as quite confident. She loves her food and likes to tell me to hurry with it! She also smiles a lot and already has lots of favourite spots to be in.

Blue, although more reserved, is more explorative than Betty and isn’t afraid to look around and jump onto the top of doors (which made mum and dad very nervous!!!) She is also very loving and likes lap time. Now and then, whilst I’m working, I feel a little tap on my leg and it’s Blue saying hi. Blue tends to start the working day on my lap helping with the computer.

They are both eating well, using their litter trays and are happy just getting used to their new home. We were a little concerned as to how they’d react to my sons wheelchair but they don’t appear perturbed by it whatsoever thankfully and Betty enjoys sitting on Jakob’s lap of an evening.

It seems that they are both settling in happily and we’re letting them do so at their own pace. We absolutely adore them both and are so grateful that we all found each other. Everyone we met and spoke to at St Giles was so patient, kind and helpful and for that we are so very thankful.

Thank you so much! Julia, Spencer, Betty and Blue xx

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