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She literally saved my life

Back in 2006, I was ready to walk under a bus. There was a clear intent I didn’t want to be here anymore. I had lost everything when my ex-husband side-lined me with a divorce. It seemed one bad thing complied into many, and I was left bankrupted ecumenically, emotionally, physically and financially. Everything I had worked hard for, gone in the space of a heartbeat.

So I sat on the Sheffield City Bus’s top deck, planning which tyre tracks would be a suitable ending. However, there was one central sticking point – there’s no way I could leave Missy?

She was was my heart and soul. Portrait in pastels by Miff.

I know everyone thinks their dog is the best, and they are correct, but Missy was so special. She had about her an almost ethereal aura. Missy walked like a top model, that sort of foxy strut I never tired of watching. She was beautiful, kind and loving – she was my heart.

I travelled just under 100 miles to meet Missy; she was with a foster family in Cheshire. I just knew from seeing the photos I wanted to adopt her.  The moment she was allowed into the living room, and she sniffed my hand – that was it – there was no way I was not going to be her new mum.

Oh, my days, the wait was horrendous. Like all rescues, Missy needed to be spade; the vet informed us she had had pups at some point. My heart broke for her, not knowing her past, not being there to comfort and supporting her. When you find the pet of your heart – you wish it hadn’t taken so long or so much time missed.

I digress.

So what was it about her worth living for?

Missy was beautiful, but she wasn’t a diva. She was elegant but equally able to chase squirrels at a moments notice. Missy was a lady, impeccable manners, always immaculate (she didn’t do muddy puddles), delicate and serene. We were nothing alike; she made me a better person.

I remember one cold night, staying at a cottage in Clapham (North Yorkshire), where the boiler had broken, and the temperature dropped below freezing. The Duvet wasn’t cutting it; it was so cold you could see your breath indoors! Missy slept on the bed; however, she made her way under the Duvet somewhere between darkness and dawn! I woke up feeling so warm and toasty having her snuggle up beside me. What an absolute angel.

She kept me from falling apart

Missy was also unbelievably funny. ‘No-one expects the CLAW’ was a game we would play constantly. She could never resist the claw as my hand lowered towards her. The noises she would make were hilarious; I would be nudged if I stopped as a prompt to keep playing!

Missy would roll on her back and we’d play ‘No-one expects the CLAW’

Happy sigh – I could talk for hours about Missy.

Missy kept my world from falling apart and was with me years later when I met my soul mate, Ian. She loved me through the worst and best times; she never left my side or my heart – I honestly believe she saved me and kept on saving me till the day she crossed the rainbow bridge.

Written by Karen

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