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The sandy-haired lady who smelt of wool

I can’t honestly remember much of my transition to St Giles Animal Rescue, mostly a blur, I do remember shaking a lot; it was a strange time but I’m grateful.

Of course, there were new sounds, smells and food – food of my dreams, oh I couldn’t eat enough! I’d been in the Rescue Centre for some time, mostly spent recuperating from my injuries; I had half my tail amputated, lots of sores and some frostbite on my ears. As I healed, I put on weight, I was awfully thin.

I was awfully thin and had half my tail amputated

My surroundings became familiar to me, smells I recognised, a sense of structure, boundaries, I felt secure – probably for the first time. I made friends; one spider, a curious fellow called Brian, spent many an hour in conversation. Brian gave me an overview of St Giles; the people, the atmosphere, how big it was and of course wild stories of giant food bags!

I did have visitors; I remember this one lady, she and her son had sandy blonde hair and smelt of spun wool and chicken! Of course, I showed off doing zoomies around the enrichment area, Brian said that works wonders with the ladies. To be honest, despite my display of bravado, I was nervous but the lady with the sandy hair who smelt of wool, gave me treats and well… I’m fairly food motivated!

I must have been doing something right because I got taken for a little walk, her son held the lead and we did okay – I’m soooo not use to this. They promised me they would be back, so I settled down and waited.

A few days later, she returned and spoke to me with such a calm voice, she still smelt of wool but now… sausages! I decided ‘She’s Cool’ and I let her stroke my neck, she kept talking and giving me treats – it was heaven. Can I be honest? I’d had it particularly rough and yes, I live day by day, but I wasn’t ready to completely let my guard down just yet, do you know what I mean?

Anyhow, the lady with the sandy hair who smelt of wool said she would keep coming back to visit me until I wasn’t so nervous. True to her word, she visited me every few days with yummy treats. I liked her more and more and confessed to Brian that I was sad when she left. He smiled, all-knowing like, and patted my paw with one of his eight legs.

Then, the woman with the sandy hair who smelt of wool, arrived carrying a new collar, harness and lead for me! She told me I was going to go home with her!

I wasn’t quite sure if this was a good thing because I felt safe at the Centre and what about Brian? I panicked and made a huge fuss; I didn’t want to get in the car, but the girls from St Giles helped me in, soothed me and said their gentle goodbyes.

I had my own warm bed with a duvet and lots of food to eat

I was such a huge wuss, I cried and whined and may even have pooped a little, but the lady who smelt of wool talked to me in her calm voice and told me that she was going to be my new mum and that I was going to live with her and her son. She told me I would have my own warm bed, with a duvet, and lots of food to eat. But the best thing she told me was “I was going to be loved and safe with them”. I cried but it was the good kind.

WELL I’VE GOT TO TELL YOU; she has the best garden ever! I could smell another dog, only faintly, the lady with the sandy hair who smelt of wool explained that the smell was of her old dog who had crossed over the rainbow bridge – which I think is near Wells but I can’t be sure?

I had free reign to sniff around the kitchen and living room. I didn’t much like the TV, way too noisy, I spent a little time practising going in and out of the back door by myself and the lady who smelt of wool kept talking to me and giving me treats when I did. I felt a little bit more relaxed, I let her rub my neck and give me a little cuddle. I think it was then I realised I’d be OK with her.

So, night number one, I’m feeling a bit apprehensive. The lady who smelt of wool, who had sandy hair and a big smile, slept downstairs with me to make sure I wasn’t too scared and to let me into the garden for my toilets. She said I was a very good boy and I slept in my new bed all night (well it was very comfortable).

However,…. A week later, I now sleep upstairs, not with her (of course) but in my own snuggle den at the foot of her bed. I sleep very well all night and I now wake up the lady with the sandy hair who smells of wool, when I need to do my toilets. She is very pleased with me because all my ablutions have been outside. I know I’m blessed; I get to go on two walks every day, I have made new friends with some of the other dogs and their owners! I let the lady, who has sandy hair and smells of wool, brush my coat and it’s beginning to shine now; the hair is growing back on my tail and sore places.

I let the lady, who has sandy hair and smells of wool, brush my coat and it’s beginning to shine now; the hair is growing back on my tail and sore places.

Life is good, life is awesome.

I’ve decided (it didn’t take me long) to call the lady with the sandy hair, who smells of wool, who has the biggest smile, the warmest heart and the softest hands – MUM.

Written by Kay

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