Pup’date on Furby (now Herbie)

Do you remember Furby? Furby’s life has always been a struggle until he arrived in the safe and caring hands of St Giles Animal Rescue. Furby came to St Giles Animal Rescue with a terrible ear infection and required extensive dental work for his rotten teeth.

In June 2021, Furby needed urgent BOAS surgery (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) to help remove the extra tissue that got in the way of his air movement when breathing. The vet needed to shorten his soft palate to make breathing easier for him. Because the surgery had many possible complications due to the delicate tissue they are working with, Furby needed experienced surgeons to do this procedure.

This wasn’t cheap and we needed to raise £2.5K so he could breathe! He deserved love and support and you all stepped up to the mark and smashed that target. After his operation and recovery Furby was kindly fostered by Leanne & Carol Elliott.

AND we have a lovely pup’date from Carol and Leanne…

“Herbie (Furby) has definitely found his paws with us, he has settled in with our resident girl Misty, and they make quite the double act. She is in charge and he definitely knows it! We have sometimes found them snuggling in a bed or catching the sun on the patio together.

He adores squeaky toys – so much so we have to buy them every few weeks! Every evening he snuggles down into his bed in the lounge and barely makes a peep the rest of the night! In the day, he merrily trots around the house and can get quite vocal if he can’t find us, as soon as he spots a human, he expects hours of cuddles and will happily flop out on your lap to achieve it! Surprisingly, he LOVES baths – complete opposite to Misty and enjoys being ‘massaged’ by the shower head! It’s quite the scene!

Since fostering Herbie, he has come leaps out bounds, we have learnt so much about him and he, us. He still has some ongoing medical issues that we are working hard to get on top of but this doesn’t stop him by any means! Herbie is now part of our family and we couldn’t be without him!”

Kind regards,
Leanne & Carol Elliott

The news gets even better! Leanne and Carol have officially adopted Herbie; he is truly living his best life thanks to your unbelievable generosity and the kindness of our wonderful Fosters now Parents Leanne and Carol.

18th October AGM

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: This evening AGM has been postponed until further notice due to a key Trustee absence. We will be issuing a new date soon. Thank you for your patience; we all wish Jan Brooks a speedy recovery.

St Giles Rescue Annual General Meeting will take place at The Maypole Inn on Monday 18th October at 7pm*.

Due to Covid restrictions numbers are limited to Trustees, volunteers, and Centre staff attending.

The report will be made available via this website alternatively you can request a copy by sending a stamped addressed envelope to St Giles Animal Rescue, St Giles Animal Centre, Wrantage, Taunton, Somerset TA3 6DJ

*postponed, a new date will be issued soon.


Tiggy came to St Giles animal rescue about a month ago at the start of July.

Tiggy is only a year old; she was born with a rare heart condition, a double chamber and grade 5 heart murmur, which means her heart is like a ticking time bomb! ​(which means she will require regular vet checks to ensure she is happy and healthy) 

Tiggy needs a lot of 24-hour care, so her previous owners thought she would be best in our care; with her best interests at heart, Tiggy was brought to St Giles Animal Rescue at the beginning of July. Her owners trusted St Giles Animal Rescue to find the right home and care for their beloved cat.

We were lucky that a couple of lovely, very experienced volunteers have offered to foster Tiggy with a view to adoption. Tiggy would need constant monitoring; signs such as open-mouth breathing or elevated heart rate would be an alarm bell to get Tiggy to the vets.

We know that Tiggy will have the best life under the care of two exceptional people who will provide the 24/7 support Tiggy needs and deserves.

***We could not have done this without your constant support, our amazing volunteers and our rescue staff. Your donations keep our charity alive and give our rescues the chance of a bright and happy future.***

June Issue of PawPrint

We have a bumper edition this issue, featuring Dolly, winner of the Best in Show Pet Showstopper, and her amazing family. Also featured are our reader stories, How much happiness can one dog bring, and It takes time – we had to learn how to be better parents.

We also have brilliant news, our September issue is going to print! To cover our costs we are looking to sell advertising space within our magazine – can you help? Email for details.

Your Charity Lottery

We have done it! We listened to your feedback and fundraising ideas and by working with Dove House Hospice we created our very own Lottery!

Why choose St Giles Animal Rescue when you play ‘Your Charity Lottery’?

Many of the animals arrive at the centre having suffered from neglect, abandonment and abuse. They come to St Giles Animal Rescue with a long road to recovery ahead of them and we provide the love, medical care and behavioural training they need to prepare them for their new life.

We are a small charity doing a massive job, largely supported by volunteers but all with the same objective, to give every pet rescue the ‘happily ever after’ each one so deserves.

PLAYING THE LOTTERY and choosing St Giles Animal Rescue YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE by helping us to support as many pets as we possibly can. THANK YOU.

  • £26 could feed a dog or cat for one month.
  • £52 could provide a full course of animal vaccinations and a health check with a vet.

World Animal Day

Hi, I’m Bailey I’m 10 years old and in year 5. I wanted to tell you about my campaign that I have started and ask you if you can please help. The campaign is to have an animal fundraising day in all the schools in our country, every single year. I love animals and just want to help them.

I think a lot of children and adults would be very happy to have a fundraising day in schools every year. And so I have started an online petition to the department of education

Will you please help me? Will you sign and share my petition? It would help massively!

I think children wearing non-school uniform and paying 1 pound donations like they do for children in need could really help animals!

I hope you like my idea, here is a link to my petition


Thank you very much, Bailey

We think this is a fabulous idea, and encourage all our website and social media supporters to sign Bailey’s petition today. What an amazing young lady.