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Sophia & Spencer

These beautiful black cats had the pleasure of spending time with our lovely Cattery Volunteer Jane this week. They need to be rehomed together ❤🐾

“Spencer and Sophia are closely bonded brother and sister cats. Last time I saw them they were both very nervous and Spencer hid behind a blanket while Sophia looked very wary as she watched me from the safety of her bed.

Things had improved this week, and they both stayed in their comfy beds while I went in their pen with them. These two black cats look very similar but Sophia is a bit bigger than her brother Spencer who is obviously in touch with his feminine side. He looked quite the part lying in his pink bed inscribed “Princess” while Sophia was in the blue bed right behind him 💙 No gender stereotypes for these two modern-minded moggies! 😻

They stayed quiet and relaxed, and allowed me to stroke them while talking softly to them. And as with so many cats, the key to a more enthusiastic reaction was those magical Dreamies! Spencer was first to come forward for a treat and Sophia soon followed.

I can feel it won’t be too long before these two beauties attract a special someone to offer them a new forever home. That special someone will be prepared to go slowly at first and keep things calm and quiet for them to gain confidence and show what a gorgeous pair they are 🐾

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