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Three Year Strategic Plan

The start of 2022 will see the commencement of a new 3 year strategy for St Giles Animal Rescue to help move the Charity through to 2025.

We need to shorten our timespan and take our existing plans to three years to enable us to grow in a financially sustainable manner in this uncertain economic climate. If any lessons were learnt from the Covid 19 crisis it is to ensure that we are in a financial position to support the Rescue and ensure its survival. We are proud of how much we are able to achieve with our income but we are determined to do more.

The Charity continues to thrive thanks to its many loyal and hard working volunteers and followers and its strong partnership with St Giles Animal Centre. As predicted post pandemic, there has been a fall in people volunteering and we need to address this. At the same time we need to value and support our volunteers, staff, followers and clients.

St Giles Animal Rescue understands that we need to operate in a inclusive and collaborative manner within our local community and with other animal rescue charities where mutual benefits may arise. Education remains a core component of our ethos.

St Giles Animal Rescue is proud to uphold the core principles of equality and diversity.

Finally we need to develop policies and procedures that ensure we are fully committed to
protecting the environment and working towards a green agenda.

Jan Brooks, February 2022.

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