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Tilly’s story

A lovely update from Tilly’s new parents who adopted her in January….

‘Since adopting Tilly in January, our lives have undoubtedly changed for the better. She is mischievous, a scavenger but most of all an irreplaceable member of our family. She is nearly eight years old but jumps around the house as if she was only a year old.

Tilly has been working through some anxiety when it comes to other dogs, and is progressing very well with the help of a local dog behavioural expert. We are really proud of her progress and she is doing better every single day!

She is spoilt rotten and is loved by every person she meets. It is hard not to with a face as beautiful as hers. She gets cuddled every day and night and is safe in the knowledge that she has found her forever home and will never be on her own ever again.

Tilly has allowed us to embark upon new adventures and has broadened our horizons, as I hope we have also allowed her to do, to some extent.

St Giles were fantastic during the entire adoption procedure, and have remained in touch to ensure Tilly’s welfare is being met and maintained. It is evident that they truly love and look after every dog that is put into their care. We are very fortunate to have found St Giles and, by extension, Tilly. She has only been in our lives for a few short months, but we can’t imagine life without her. We suspect that before long we’ll be looking to get her a friend. #adoptdontshop❤️

Well done Tilly on finding your perfect home. 🐾

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