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Nearly 13 years ago the Linnell Family took ownership of St Giles Animal Centre! Vanessa’s passion has always been animal rescue and part of the responsibility of any animal welfare charity is also education. Here is Vanessa doing what she does best, talking to the North Curry WI about St Giles Animal Rescue and the work we do for the many abused, abandoned and displaced animals that come into our care.

Vanessa has given talks to institutes, groups and schools to raise awareness and understanding of animal welfare and the importance of rescue charities that work tirelessly to make a difference. If you are interested in organising a talk for a group or school you are involved with please contact 🐾❤🐾

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Wonderful Willow is a beautiful Collie x Springer Spaniel in search of her forever home. Willow has progressed well here at the centre so far.

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Marvellous Marley has come to us in search of his forever home due to a change of circumstance in his previous home prior to rescue.

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Barry is a sweet chap who has come to the rescue as a stray and is now looking for his new home. Barry is a

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Jane has spent some time this week with our beautiful Jacob, here is her update: “Jacob is such a quiet and well behaved gentleman cat.

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