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We need your help

January has seen an increase in strays come into our care, all of which have been in a heart breaking condition. Whether they have suffered neglect and then just abandoned or have been straying for some time we never know their story and in some cases we probably wouldn’t want to 🥺. Recent intakes have been severely underweight with skin conditions, one is in need of surgery for entropion which is extremely uncomfortable and painful.

As with all strays that come via the Dog Warden or general public there is stay period which is between 7 to 9 days where every effort is made to find an owner. After the stay period, if an owner has not come forward we continue to care for them and can then prepare them for a new home.

Sadly at this time of year many also arrive extremely cold and one of our first priorities is to get them warm, additional heat lamps, radiators and warm blankets are used to raise the temperature. We have many rescues currently in our care, you can only see the ones on our website that are now ready to find that forever home, some are ready for a new family within a few weeks of being with us, others take longer! Our Heat a Kennel/Pen Campaign is still running so if you are able donate whatever you can it will help more than you can ever know. THANK YOU SO MUCH 🐾❤🐾

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